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8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid



Blogging is not as simple as what most people think. It is not impossible to do, but to be successful, it requires a lot of learning and hard work on your part. Creating your account and posting your content are just the tip of the iceberg because there’s a lot that goes into managing a blog.

The road will not be smooth, especially as a newbie. You’ll encounter some challenges here and there, which is normal, as you familiarize yourself in the world of blogging. Learn from your errors and you’ll become a better blogger as days go by.

Remember that the best bloggers today also started from the bottom. They too made a lot of blogging mistakes before they were able to perfect this craft. You can take their mishaps as a learning experience so you’ll know what to do to avoid them.

As a new blogger, you probably think that the best way to start is to get a free blog. If you’re committed to making it big in this field, resorting to a free site is a mistake, as these blogs do not offer the customization and features you’ll need to make an impact and grow.

We want you to start strong and avoid the common errors that most newbie bloggers make. That’s why we made this infographic that contains a list of usual blogging mistakes to avoid.

See our eye-catching image below and keep in mind the newbie blogger errors listed so you won’t do them.

8 Beginning Blogger Mistakes to Avoid (SBO)

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How To Write One Honey Of A Pinterest Bio Using 3 Killer Be's

 the killer be's

Your Bio

One of the most important parts of your Pinterest profile is your bio. In fact, your bio and photo are the first things that people see when they check out your profile! You can think of your bio as your initial introduction to your subscribers and followers! It’s your opportunity to reach out and grab people, make a positive impression that people will remember! You need to show who you are and what you can do for your subscribers! Remember though, you only have 200 characters, so this is an area where you’ll want to be concise and to the point while showing emotion and originality! I say remember the 3 be’s…

  1. Be interesting
  2. Be authentic and most of all…
  3. Be you!

Really focus on who you are and the image you are portraying! Don’t clutter up the space with your unrelated hobbies and/or interests.  You want your potential clients to feel you when they read your bio. Take the feeling that you want them to have and put it into words, to make those reading your words, feel the way you want them to! You have to be able to present yourself to people that you don’t know and make them feel like they know you!  Better yet, make them feel like friends! Remember, you’re building a relationship with your subscribers & followers so take every opportunity to do that whenever and wherever you can!


You must find creative ways to incorporate keywords into your bio as well as into every part of your profile! I found a tip that said, the best way to do this is to ask yourself three questions and use the answers in your bio. Ask yourself…

  1. What do I do that makes me unique? ( example – I teach you how to market your business using Pinterest For Business)
  2. Who can I help, who is my target audience? (example – I help retired & retiring women start a second career working online from home)
  3. What problems do I solve for my tribe? (example – I help you find more leads and make more sales using social media)

When you answer these questions, remember the KISS principle and be sure to put it into effect! Keep it simple and specific! Be sure to include your most important keyword/s that you want to be found for! A good use of space would be to add a call to action at the end of your bio. It can be a link to an opt-in, sales page, blog, ebook, ecourse or a sign up of some type. This is precious real-estate, use it wisely! Remember that your bio is your audience’s chance to get to know you better! It’s a taste of who you are, what you do and how you can help in 200 characters or less! Make every word count!!!

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FREE Beginner's Blogging Course!



Beginner Blogger Bootcamp is a FREE course offered by Krista Dickson! Krista runs blogbeautifully.com, where (in her own words) she helps aspiring bloggers launch their new websites, rock out on social media, and profit from their passions. New blogger looking for a leg up? Take her free course, Beginner Blogger Bootcamp, and get your site up and running in the next 3 weeks. Click this link for the free course: http://blogbeautifully.com/beginner-blogger-bootcamp

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How To Build A Relationship With Your List… Make It Easy, Fun, Exciting & Deliver What You Promised!


You’ve heard a ZILLION times that “the money is in the list”! You also heard a ZILLION times that people buy from people that they “know, like & trust”! So you & I have decided that we want to get our businesses online and to work for ourselves, create freedom and an unlimited income, right? RIGHT!!! Well since then, you’ve been bombarded with everything from being an affiliate for both low and high end products to creating your own products. From learning how to be an online coach and mentor to starting a blog for your favorite past time and turning it into a money making venture! So the question is, what to do?

Well, I can tell you as someone who has been a student of online business while doing my own due diligence, there is one sure way to succeed with your online business regardless of the business you choose! To do that we must go back to the basics and put all of our focus into building, developing and nurturing our email list, also known as building a relationship with our list.

There are 5 key things that will help you build and develop your list:

  1. Start with an easy to use, cutting edge email package.

Yes you want something easy and basic but don’t forget about your goal – you’re setting up a business and your email is the most important part of that business. Find a provider that gives as much value as you do and makes it easy for your subscribers at the same time! We’ll dive into my 3 favorite email vendors in my next post!

  1. Create a fun & exciting way to capture email addresses! Be fun & creative, don’t give your subscribers the same old, same old!

This one I’ll leave up to your imagination but please put some thought into it! What about giving away a free mini-course on a DIY project that goes hand in hand with their business building efforts! Something like, “How to Stage & Light Your Video Shoot For Free Using Your Cell Phone Camera”! Or how about offering a discount coupon for a piece of software or equipment they’ll need, like a discount on your favorite, recommended email software! Of course this means you’ll have to do some ground work first, contacting the vendor and negotiating a discount for customers that purchase through your link, but think about the value you’re bringing to the marketplace!

  1. Don’t give it all away too soon, create curiosity and make them WANT to read your post!

Come up with an attention grabbing titles with graphics to match! Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and Pinterest is a graphics driven platform! In fact, I dare say the graphics are more important that the title – they have to create interest, build on what your title says and make readers want to know more! Yes, that’s a lot of work to put on one little picture but once you master this concept, there’s only one thing left to say about it… SCORE!!!

  1. Deliver on what you’ve promised in your topic! Don’t let them go away empty, give them every drop of what you said you would!

Our job as information specialists and creators, is to bring unlimited value to the market place! You attract your subscriber by giving away value in whatever form you have chosen, blog post, pod cast, video, webinar – etc. But you can’t simply attract, you must deliver the goods! In fact, a good rule of thumb is to over-deliver the goods! Give away more value than your competition is selling and you’ll find people flocking to you, joining your list and becoming raving fans of your products!

  1. Leave them wanting more… tantalize, tease and create mystery for your next post!

Always leave them wanting more! Never force feed your subscribers too much content at one time. In fact, I guess you could say, less is more! Don’t over-do it! Remember that you must give them everything that you’ve promised in your title and graphic, but know when to stop! Dangle a little in front of them without giving it all away! Save some for next time, kind of like a Gypsy Rose Lee burlesque show depicted in the photo for this post, show em’ a little skin and then – you’re gone!!!






Photo Credits: Natalie Wood As Gypsy Rose Lee


4 Things You Must Do BEFORE You Monetize Your Blog!

 4 Things Before You Monetize

Before you monetize your business blog, there are some very important “do this first” foundational things that you need to have in place, before you “make it rain”! I am trained as a Chef and in that world it’s called Mise En Place, which means everything in its place. You should have everything that you will need to create the dish ready and in place before you start making it! Makes sense right? It keeps you from running around all over the kitchen like a chicken with your head cut off, makes you look more professional and more like the expert that you are! That concept carries over to just about everything including your online business. You want to look like the authority of the information that you’re sharing from the very beginning, even before you start monetizing your site.


  1. The first thing you need to have is an email subscriber base. Yes, I know you’ve heard it 1000 times, the money is in your list. Your email list is the one thing that you own online, that and your blog. Treat your customers like the gold that they really are! Set up a way to capture email addresses from the start so that you don’t have to anguish later over how many you let get away because you didn’t have anything in place! Stay in touch with your subscribers on a consistent and regular basis! The secret here is to develop a relationship with your list. Notice that I didn’t say to try to pitch them and sell them something every time you reach out to them! In fact, far from it! You want to really get to know your list and allow them to get to know you. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You have to find a way to allow your list to get to know, like and trust you! I have seen people generate six-figure revenue from hundreds of email subscribers. I’ve also seen people with thousands of subscribers struggle because they didn’t have a great strategy and a relationship with their list. You get your subscribers by giving away value. More about that another time.

Take Away: Make sure you have an email subscriber base in place first.


  1. It’s important to have a brand in place. When I say brand, I’m talking about your brand! Who you are and who you are telling the world that you are by your online presence. As I’ve said before, your blog and/or web site is your piece of the internet rock. It’s your online real estate and the only thing that’s yours other than your email list. Your brand is not just a logo or the site you’ve set up with your content, colors and photos. It’s not just a tag line or motto or online courses, videos or podcasts. Your brand is all of those things. Your brand is what makes you, you! It’s what makes your site and your online business unique, legitimate and trustworthy. When people visit your site, it shows them that you’re serious. Your brand is who you are, what you believe and what you stand for. It is a direct reflection of you!

Take Away: Have your brand in place and make it recognizably & uniquely you.


  1. No matter what niche you are in or what service you are offering, the people who are interested enough to subscribe to your email list do so because they want to know more! The best way to keep your “tribe” in the loop is to stay in touch on a regular basis! Developing a schedule is the best way to do this because it will in turn become part of a routine. Daily, weekly, a couple of times a week, it’s up to you but whatever you decide, do it consistently. People are creatures of habit and if your followers know you post new content 3 days a week, they will look for it on the days you post. If you post randomly at best, you will lose your followers because they don’t know when or if they’ll hear from you! You know yourself that when you make a new friend, the amount of interaction between you and them is what determines how close of friends that you eventually become. If you only talk to someone once in a blue moon, say on your birthdays and holidays, you simply don’t get a chance to know that person “up close and personal” like you do the friend that you talk to on a regular basis, hang out with and share some personal stuff with! Think of your list as a bunch of new friends that you intend to take the time and effort to get to know as well as you can! You’ll be surprised how far that will take you in building that oh so important relationship with you list – and – becoming someone who they know, like and trust!

Take Away: Communicate with your tribe CONSISTENTLY!


  1. Figure out something that you do or that you know, that is unique to you and determine a way to monetize it! For instance, say you’ve lost 60 pounds or taught five other people how to lose weight recently. Or maybe you’re a handy man or woman who loves power tools and builds your own furniture! Maybe your talent is to make some adorable handmade item/s that always get requests from friends & family to give as gifts! Do you enjoy helping others and know a special way to help people that relieves a specific problem? Once you discover what you want to monetize based on what you do or know and have everything else that we discussed in place, all you need to figure out is how you want to “deliver” the information. We’ll talk more about that in another post. Just know this, you know something right now that you could market online and make money doing it! You job is to figure out what that is and run with it!

Take Away: What is it that you already know how to do and enjoy doing?


Of course monetizing your blog consists of other things that we will discuss in upcoming posts but the foundation are the 4 things that we went over above. After you have your foundation tools in place, we can move on to all the different ways available to you to monetize your blog and make it rain!  Be sure to join my newsletter so that you don’t miss any new tools, tips and techniques on how to monetize your blog!


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