Claire Ryann Singing Gethsemane

The little girl in this video, Claire Crosby is one of my favorite people in the world and she’s the star of her family’s YouTube channel, Claire and The Crosbys! She’s simply adorable and I am going to break from the norm and share an inspiring and motivating video with you all!¬† Claire sings with the passion and conviction of someone 10 times her age, she is very special as you will see! Enjoy!
PS – the first few times I heard Claire sings this song, she touched my heart so much that I cried like I was 3 years old! ūüôā

Update: Claire is 5 years old now and still singing! You can catch up with Claire and The Crosbys on their youtube channel with the same title. She’s been on Ellen a few times, got a part in a Disney movie, made videos with her Dad Dave, introduced us all to her little brother and now the family is expecting a new baby – Whew! Dave Crosby was even on the voice this season! He was on Adam’s team. Because Adam had heard of Claire & her Dad, he had her sing a song on The Voice! The whole family is wonderful and I know you’re going to fall in love with them just like I did! Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all the happenings with the Crosby family – click the link to check out Clair and the Crosbys! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfrREf-q6PbTxNgsB5XAp6


As A Woman Thinketh Slideshow

“As A Woman Thinketh” has become¬†a labor of love that has evolved in a very short period of time and taken on a life of its own! I recognize and honor all the women who went before me and on whose shoulders I stand! They are my heros or if you prefer my “sHEROS”! They cut a path and marked the trail so that it’s easier for me and all those who come behind to find our way to success – in whatever field or niche you’re in! For me, it’s women running an online networking business. Because the internet is still in its infancy, this is still an evolving, growing, changing industry. Because of¬†that it’s both easy and hard to succeed! Many of the rules are still being written, so it’s like the early days of the wild west! Those who stand tall and endure whatever it takes to become a success pay the price and gain the rewards that are both seen and unseen!¬†My mother ran her own business. In her day, it was called domestic work but today she would be considered an entrepreneur! She found her own jobs, negotiated her salary and what work would be done for that salary! She didn’t have a boss and worked for herself. We have an¬†obligation to every little girl and young woman who wants to own and run her own business! There’s a saying, “each one reach one, each one teach one!” that originated during slavery. It meant that each slave that learned to read, write and make their way in the world was obligated to teach another slave what they had learned to enable them to do the same. Let that be our mission! Find a girl or young woman to mentor, take under your wing and teach what you know about running a business online or offline! Give back to another what was given to you! If you feel nothing was given to you and you did it all by yourself, then no worries, don’t mentor as you probably wouldn’t be a good candidate. But if you feel like most women that you stand on the shoulders of others who paved the way, a least a little for your success, find a way to give back! So thank you to my Mom and to all women who do what we do, “by any means necessary”!

I would like to thank Maze featuring Frankie Beverly for hanging out with us ladies and for providing music that is as motivational and inspirational as any quote featured! As one of my favorite groups of all times, I knew immediately when putting this slideshow together what song would be “just right” for viewing the slides. You only get to hear a couple of minutes of the song with the slideshow but to hear the song in it’s entirety, you can go to your favorite music site or to buy this particular song , “Golden Time Of Day”, check out Amazon or iTunes! The MP3 Album is $6.99 or if you just the song, $1.29. Believe me when I say, if you love R & B, you have got to add ¬†FB & M to the mix. They have so many songs that are true classics like “Before I Let Go”, “Southern Girls” “Feel That You’re Feeling” and others! Their music is addictive and I love them!

To women everywhere that need to take a minute or two to refresh, renew, rewind and remember why we’re here, I give you “As A Woman Thinketh!” Enjoy the show!