Where Did My Eyebrows Go? The Silver Fox Beauty Fix For Sparse Brows!

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As you age gracefully are your eyebrows getting thin and almost disappearing in front of your eyes?! Not only do you have to see them everyday when you look in the mirror, you also have to see other people looking at them when they look at you!!! They get thinner and grayer by the day which is not ok! Why? Because with no brows, people tend to look washed out and tired. Thin,wispy brows take something away from the character of a person’s face. But – good news! I have found a product that seems to have been made for silver foxes with eyebrow issues! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to check this stuff out and have already ordered mine! Click the link to read more info and to place an order!

Click the link to rock your brows again, you Silver Fox! wunderbrow – Walmart.com

UPDATE: I love Wunderbrow and use it exclusively for making my eyebrows look like eyebrows again! It comes with a pencil like tip on one end and a mascara like brush on the other end. The end that reminds you of an eyebrow pencil is the end to start with. You draw short, quick strokes on your brow, where it is thin or where hair stopped growing. After you have filled in your brow with the pencil, you then go to the wand (the mascara end). As you lightly stroke the wand over your brow, you’ll notice your brow darkening as it gets filled in.  This is the part where you’ll want to be careful. If you stroke too hard, you’ll deposit too much color and you’ll end up looking like a cartoon character. I speak from experience! :0

So to all my Silver Foxes my advice for thin and/or thinning brows, fight back with Wunderbrow brow gel! If it can make my brows look again, it can help you too! My brows are not only thinning, they are also graying. Wunderbrow covers those unruly grays completely! You’re gonna love it!
wunderbrow – Walmart.com