How To Build A Relationship With Your List… Make It Easy, Fun, Exciting & Deliver What You Promised!


You’ve heard a ZILLION times that “the money is in the list”! You also heard a ZILLION times that people buy from people that they “know, like & trust”! So you & I have decided that we want to get our businesses online and to work for ourselves, create freedom and an unlimited income, right? RIGHT!!! Well since then, you’ve been bombarded with everything from being an affiliate for both low and high end products to creating your own products. From learning how to be an online coach and mentor to starting a blog for your favorite past time and turning it into a money making venture! So the question is, what to do?

Well, I can tell you as someone who has been a student of online business while doing my own due diligence, there is one sure way to succeed with your online business regardless of the business you choose! To do that we must go back to the basics and put all of our focus into building, developing and nurturing our email list, also known as building a relationship with our list.

There are 5 key things that will help you build and develop your list:

  1. Start with an easy to use, cutting edge email package.

Yes you want something easy and basic but don’t forget about your goal – you’re setting up a business and your email is the most important part of that business. Find a provider that gives as much value as you do and makes it easy for your subscribers at the same time! We’ll dive into my 3 favorite email vendors in my next post!

  1. Create a fun & exciting way to capture email addresses! Be fun & creative, don’t give your subscribers the same old, same old!

This one I’ll leave up to your imagination but please put some thought into it! What about giving away a free mini-course on a DIY project that goes hand in hand with their business building efforts! Something like, “How to Stage & Light Your Video Shoot For Free Using Your Cell Phone Camera”! Or how about offering a discount coupon for a piece of software or equipment they’ll need, like a discount on your favorite, recommended email software! Of course this means you’ll have to do some ground work first, contacting the vendor and negotiating a discount for customers that purchase through your link, but think about the value you’re bringing to the marketplace!

  1. Don’t give it all away too soon, create curiosity and make them WANT to read your post!

Come up with an attention grabbing titles with graphics to match! Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and Pinterest is a graphics driven platform! In fact, I dare say the graphics are more important that the title – they have to create interest, build on what your title says and make readers want to know more! Yes, that’s a lot of work to put on one little picture but once you master this concept, there’s only one thing left to say about it… SCORE!!!

  1. Deliver on what you’ve promised in your topic! Don’t let them go away empty, give them every drop of what you said you would!

Our job as information specialists and creators, is to bring unlimited value to the market place! You attract your subscriber by giving away value in whatever form you have chosen, blog post, pod cast, video, webinar – etc. But you can’t simply attract, you must deliver the goods! In fact, a good rule of thumb is to over-deliver the goods! Give away more value than your competition is selling and you’ll find people flocking to you, joining your list and becoming raving fans of your products!

  1. Leave them wanting more… tantalize, tease and create mystery for your next post!

Always leave them wanting more! Never force feed your subscribers too much content at one time. In fact, I guess you could say, less is more! Don’t over-do it! Remember that you must give them everything that you’ve promised in your title and graphic, but know when to stop! Dangle a little in front of them without giving it all away! Save some for next time, kind of like a Gypsy Rose Lee burlesque show depicted in the photo for this post, show em’ a little skin and then – you’re gone!!!





Photo Credits: Natalie Wood As Gypsy Rose Lee