How To Write One Honey Of A Pinterest Bio Using 3 Killer Be's

 the killer be's

Your Bio

One of the most important parts of your Pinterest profile is your bio. In fact, your bio and photo are the first things that people see when they check out your profile! You can think of your bio as your initial introduction to your subscribers and followers! It’s your opportunity to reach out and grab people, make a positive impression that people will remember! You need to show who you are and what you can do for your subscribers! Remember though, you only have 200 characters, so this is an area where you’ll want to be concise and to the point while showing emotion and originality! I say remember the 3 be’s…

  1. Be interesting
  2. Be authentic and most of all…
  3. Be you!

Really focus on who you are and the image you are portraying! Don’t clutter up the space with your unrelated hobbies and/or interests.  You want your potential clients to feel you when they read your bio. Take the feeling that you want them to have and put it into words, to make those reading your words, feel the way you want them to! You have to be able to present yourself to people that you don’t know and make them feel like they know you!  Better yet, make them feel like friends! Remember, you’re building a relationship with your subscribers & followers so take every opportunity to do that whenever and wherever you can!


You must find creative ways to incorporate keywords into your bio as well as into every part of your profile! I found a tip that said, the best way to do this is to ask yourself three questions and use the answers in your bio. Ask yourself…

  1. What do I do that makes me unique? ( example – I teach you how to market your business using Pinterest For Business)
  2. Who can I help, who is my target audience? (example – I help retired & retiring women start a second career working online from home)
  3. What problems do I solve for my tribe? (example – I help you find more leads and make more sales using social media)

When you answer these questions, remember the KISS principle and be sure to put it into effect! Keep it simple and specific! Be sure to include your most important keyword/s that you want to be found for! A good use of space would be to add a call to action at the end of your bio. It can be a link to an opt-in, sales page, blog, ebook, ecourse or a sign up of some type. This is precious real-estate, use it wisely! Remember that your bio is your audience’s chance to get to know you better! It’s a taste of who you are, what you do and how you can help in 200 characters or less! Make every word count!!!

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