3 Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Small Business Online


Today is a time when businesses are making more sales online than in a traditional store front location. Small, medium and large businesses all have an online presence, so how can you get your piece of the rock! Which social media platform should you use and how on earth do you do it? Should it be facebook? You have a ton of family and friends on your facebook page, seems like it would be easy to launch your business and use that existing traffic! Maybe you should try another platform like instagram, pinterest or linkedin?!

The first thing you need is a blog. A blog is a type of website that allows you to communicate with your customers, track your statistics, collect customer emails and even advertise and sell your product/s. A blog is your piece of real estate online! It’s your online presence and it’s where you house your awesome posts and content! There are tons of posts, sites and courses that walk you through getting your blog up and running. One of my favorites is createandgo.co, they take you by the hand, help you register your domain name, set up your blog and do all the foundational things required to get up and running. My focus is not setting up your blog, my focus is getting your blog that has already been set up online! My focus is helping you cut to the chase to get more traffic (potential customers) to your blog using Pinterest as your marketing platform. You see, I’ve got a secret – Pinterest is the best possible social media platform for online businesses. Why? Well, Pinterest is a search engine – like Google. In fact, Pinterest isn’t really particularly social! Unlike facebook, twitter & some other social media sites, Pinterest prefers that you show rather than tell, and in fact prefers that you don’t comment and promote links like you do on other sites! Check out my top 3 tips that will get your business moving in the right direction and building a bevy of raving fans in record time!

  1. Check out the competition! Regardless of what you’ve been told, in the world of online business marketing, competition is a good thing! Niche competition means that other businesses are making money in the same arena, it also means you have someone to watch and learn from! Basically if you see something is working for your competition, you can do what they do and have it work for you too! Let other people lay out the blueprint and you simply follow the yellow brick road!
  2. Looking good! As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a visual platform. Photos are what drives Pinterest content and in fact are considered content on Pinterest. Remember comments are not encouraged and neither is link-dropping so the photo is king! What this means is the photos you choose to use for boards and pins should be all that and a bag of Swedish fish! You want your photos to be topic specific, front and center, clear and with large, easy to read font. If you need a photo editing program to achieve great pics for your Pinterest page, check out Canva. It’s a free online photo editor that even 6 and 7 figure power-pinners use to create their masterpieces. I also use photoshop elements which also gives great results!
  3. Stick-to-itiveness’! The free dictionary.com gives the definition of consistent as “reliable, steady”. Being consistent is key to online marketing regardless of the platform you use, facebook, twitter, instagram – etc.! They all require a commitment and that commitment is to pin, post & show-up consistently. To help you with that, I found a great scheduler for Pinterest that is approved by them called Tailwind. With tailwind, you schedule your pins which frees you up for more important things, like, content creation!

So these are my top three tips, for this post! Are there more, absolutely! The 3 tips in this post can get you moving in the right direction and off to a good start! As we have concluded, there are other tips, tricks and techniques that you will learn on your road to online business success with Pinterest as your primary marketing tool, and learn them you will! Stick with me kid cause we’re going places!

To Your Success!



Thinking Outside The Negative


Remember, thinking positive starts with the way you look at things. It’s that “glass half full or half emply” way of thinking that we have total and complete control of. When given a choice, choose to be positive and before you know it, it’ll be what and who you are!!!


Where Did My Eyebrows Go? The Silver Fox Beauty Fix For Sparse Brows!

The links below that take you to the product page for Wunderbrow are affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and buy the product, I may make a small commission for referring you, but it won’t cost you one more penny! Thanks!

As you age gracefully are your eyebrows getting thin and almost disappearing in front of your eyes?! Not only do you have to see them everyday when you look in the mirror, you also have to see other people looking at them when they look at you!!! They get thinner and grayer by the day which is not ok! Why? Because with no brows, people tend to look washed out and tired. Thin,wispy brows take something away from the character of a person’s face. But – good news! I have found a product that seems to have been made for silver foxes with eyebrow issues! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to check this stuff out and have already ordered mine! Click the link to read more info and to place an order!

Click the link to rock your brows again, you Silver Fox! wunderbrow – Walmart.com

UPDATE: I love Wunderbrow and use it exclusively for making my eyebrows look like eyebrows again! It comes with a pencil like tip on one end and a mascara like brush on the other end. The end that reminds you of an eyebrow pencil is the end to start with. You draw short, quick strokes on your brow, where it is thin or where hair stopped growing. After you have filled in your brow with the pencil, you then go to the wand (the mascara end). As you lightly stroke the wand over your brow, you’ll notice your brow darkening as it gets filled in.  This is the part where you’ll want to be careful. If you stroke too hard, you’ll deposit too much color and you’ll end up looking like a cartoon character. I speak from experience! :0

So to all my Silver Foxes my advice for thin and/or thinning brows, fight back with Wunderbrow brow gel! If it can make my brows look again, it can help you too! My brows are not only thinning, they are also graying. Wunderbrow covers those unruly grays completely! You’re gonna love it!
wunderbrow – Walmart.com


Check Out The Silver Fox Nail Polish


This yummy, silver lacquer nail polish is called… “Check Out The Silver Fox”! Tell me that you love it as much as I do! It looks so lux! Think about this with some gorgeous sterling jewelry and something with a pop of contrasting color! I can’t wait to do my nails and post them for you all to see! If you beat me to it, PLEASE tag me, text me, email me – something so I can check you out with your grown & silver self! Click this link to buy: China Glaze The Great Outdoors Nail Lacquer, Check Out The Silver Fox, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Get Pinterested in Pinterest For Business!

 4 Reasons Why You Need To Get Pinterested In Pinterest!

I am hard at work, learning all kinds of things about Pinterest to share with everyone! I have found out quite a few fascinating things about Pinterest and I have only scratched the surface! For instance – did you know:

  • 80% + of Pinterest users are female and there are over 50 billion pins!
  • 50% + of Pinterest users make $50,000 a year or more (10% + make $125,000 or more)
  • 30% of all U.S. social media users are Pinterest users and there are over 100 million of them!
  • People go to Pinterest to shop unlike other social media platforms where they go to connect with others this means, Pinterest is naturally business oriented!

The above four points plus many more makes Pinterest the perfect platform for people wanting to launch a business using social media. They say that pinterest was made for bloggers but what I’m discovering is that pinterest is made for business owners, merchants and entrepreneurs who want to share their business with other people and who want to use social media to do it! Many people prefer a platform that is highly visual, preferring photos to text!

I’m learning some secret Ninja tactics, like how to find and solicit defunct Pinterest accounts that have thousands of pins and pinners chomping at the bit to join their page! Yes, you can pick these accounts up for a song, update them, make them your own and gain thousands of raving fans overnight!!! Talk about starting out with a leg up! I personally think that Pinterest is the best kept secret for social media marketing that I’ve run into so far! I intend to eat, sleep and breathe this platform (ie- understand it inside and out) so stick with me kid, we’re going places! 🙂

Stay tuned, I promise to be back in a day or two with more details!!!

For more motivation, inspiration and stuff like this check out my blog www.imCoachChar.com


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Is Your Online Home Based Business Ready To Rock 2017?


I’m knee deep into learning a new social media platform that I’ve found that I really like! You’ve not only heard of it, you probably use it everyday! It’s pinterest!!! Yes, pinterest is my social media platform of choice! I’m just getting started and I already know more about getting more followers and pins than I’ve learned on any other social platform! Oh yea – this is a real winner! Right now I’m learning about pinterest SEO but it really is so simple and easy to understand and implement compared to other platforms! I’ll be back tomorrow with some getting started tips and tricks that I’ve learned! 2017 is looking like a great year!!! www.imCoachChar.com

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